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I don’t want to do it any more

3 Comments 11 December 2014

I’ve been on the Piha Ratepayers & Residents Assn for the last 3 years

BlackSheepI have been ‘the black sheep’ the whole way.  I have been gagged.  They don’t let me represent you and they don’t represent me.  I don’t want to be a part of that any more.

This is the second time I’ve served and my feelings standing down are the same as last time :  I just can’t do this anymore!

With hand over heart I can honestly say “The Piha R&R does not represent, in any form, the people and community I know and love in Piha”.  It’s that simple.   Regards,  Bobbie

Here are the people standing for the 2015 year:

Person Nominated/Nominator/2nder

President: Ken Cowan  – Graham Cleghorn/Hanneke Bouchier

Vice President:  Hanneke bouchier – Randal Morton/Ken Cowan

Treasurer: Graham Cleghorn – Hanneke Bouchier/Graham Cleghorn

Secretary: Jennifer Hulena – Ross Pownall/Hanneke Bouchier


Graeme Carrie  – Ken Cowan/Graham Caley

Johnathan Green – Ken Cowan/Hanneke Bouchier

Michele Witten – Hanneke Bouchier/Graham Cleghorn

 Randal Morton – Graham Cleghorn/Ken Cowan

  Chris Sage – Hanneke Bouchier/Graham Cleghorn

  Bruce Middleton – Nicola Legat/Hanneke Bouchier

  Nicola Legat – Bruce Middleton/Hanneke Bouchier

   Louissa Rust – Damyon Leather/Ken Cowan

   Graham Caley – Graeme Carrie/Ken Cowan

    Jan O’Connor – Helen Pearce/Ken Cowan

    Helen Pearce – Jan O’Connor/Ken Cowan

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3 Comments so far

  1. Alan Willjay says:

    There seems to be a common denominator here…..

  2. Penny Sparks says:

    Sorry to hear that Bobby. Diversity is democracy.

  3. Hillspotter says:

    Oh my…it looks like they have all nominated each other. Be afraid…

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