Hydrangea a Pest in Waitakere ?

5 Comments 18 December 2015

HydrangeaShould Hydrangea be a pest in Waitakere?

The Waitakere Ranges Local Board  believes that Hydrangea should be considered for inclusion in the Regional Pest Management Plan as a pest plant in the Waitakere Ranges area.

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  1. P says:

    No. I love them! Mine have never spread or multiplied! Not one. They don’t have deep roots and can easily be pulled out and composted. IMHO

  2. Norma says:

    Please NO !!! They were one of my. Mother’s favourites. What’s next ……Roses ??

  3. randee says:

    But not one of your mother’s favourite natives, I bet. Nice domestic plant, but sadly grows easily from cuttings and so is invading the streams and bush. Just make sure yours stay in your garden and they’ll be OK

  4. Martin says:

    Yes, definitely, in the bush environment hydrangea morphs into a climber that forms a tangled trellis for the next generation to grow over and eventually blocks most light to the understory preventing regeneration of native plants. Only other noxious weeds like jasmine and climbing asparagus can co habitate . Martin

  5. Julia says:

    Not taking ours thats for sure. I love ours. They are pruned and well looked after and they have been in Beach Valley Road forever. The ones on the other side of Sylvan Glade stream have hardly taken over the natives or the stream!!

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