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How to spot a rip – escape one

0 Comments 30 December 2015

How to spot a rip – and escape one

Lifesavers are urging swimmers to make their jobs easier by learning how to recognise a rip before stepping into one

How to spot a ripSurf Life Saving NZ say:   Rips could appear out of nowhere and become active for just minutes, which was what made them so deadly, Surf Life Saving New Zealand services and education manager Allan Mundy said.

As you walked out into the surf, you could use your toes to feel the warning signs, he said.

A ripple pattern on the sand beneath your feet in the water – what the experts described as “scalloping – an undulating sea floor, and a “sucking” feeling around your hips were all signs a rip current was about to begin, Mundy said.   If you walked into the water and felt a sudden drop, it was a clue a strong current would be present.

Drowning statistics this summer are already too high.   We always give our guests at Black Sands the following advice

  1. Swim inside the flags
  2. If no flags only swim on an incoming tide
  3. Do not enter in the calmest spot – it’s probably a rip
  4. Never swim close Lion Rock – especially the north side.
  5. If you get caught in a rip, relax and take the ride – try to get the attention of a surfer.

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