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How can we answer if not asked !!!

3 Comments 07 December 2015

How can we say answer if we’re not asked ?

If you ask the right people you’ll get the answer you want !

Village Voice“Auckland Transport has just informed the Waitakere Ranges Local Board that it encountered no opposition to extending the wooden barrier along Seaview Road west to the Domain entrance, therefore it will go ahead and do the work. This was asked for by the Piha R&R to enable people to remain on the grass verge when walking along this stretch of road. Parked cars forced pedestrians into the road”  Sandra Coney

I wrote to council and asked ‘Who was consulted?” and the answer was
  • Piha Ratepayers & Residents Assn
  • Waitakere Ranges Protection Society
  • Protect Piha Heritage
  • Walk Safe

Consultation closed 27th of November and NOT ONE  of these very important groups had responded by the close-off time- not one  So AT chased them up for a response and received no opposition – gosh

walking around PihaDemocracy is being overridden in Piha !   The original consultation was done with ‘the people’ – if you want to change it then you should go back to ‘the people’.

Read more about it Who are these people?’


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  1. Bobbie says:

    I asked Auckland Transport why they just don’t remove the recent planting that closed off the access to the designated pedestrian area and onto the road?

    Their reply: “It is acknowledged that the recent planting in the vicinity of the project area affect the intended pedestrian movement through the grassed area. However, the removal of these newly planted vegetation is not considered to be an ideal solution to address the pedestrian safety issues experienced at this location.”

    Speechless !

  2. The planting around the treatment plant on Seaview Rd was always intended and existed before the treatment plant was replaced when it was removed and not reinstated. The proposed pathway that went behind the flax bushes was never pursued by Council because it was a silly idea to take people outside the lighted road at night-time and into a dark boggy area of the Domain. I can’t imagine any woman wanting to do that. I am surprised you hold up the consultation in 2010 on the footpaths as thorough. It was mainly 2 people from Walksafe and 2 people from R&R sitting with Penny Hulse. The whole process was rushed to get it through before the Council went out of existence on amalgamation. It was a sensible idea to extend the roadside wooden railing and I can’t imagine why anyone would oppose it. Much more pedestrian friendly. Sandra Coney

  3. Village Voice Editor says:

    Your comment is very convoluted. Regarding the planting in front of the treatment plant,
    I asked Council several years ago if I could plant around it and they said “No, as access was needed to service it”. So I would suggest the ‘incorrect planting’ recently done should be moved.

    The consultation in 2010 was very thorough and many people spent time considering the plan, discussing it and commenting on the questionnaires. There were two consultations at the same time. The Walk Safe Group, who lobbied and got the funding for the footpaths etc plus the R&R, who refused to join with Walk Safe, consulted at a different location. It was quite hilarious. It was certainly more thorough than ‘none’ which we’ve just experienced.

    The final design by Council had parking from in front of the treatment plant down to the Domain entrance. There was room for pedestrians well above the boggy part (I still have the design plans) The Piha R&R, via Monique Davis (Olivier) submitted to the Local Board later to have the current barriers put in. (See the WRLB Minute here at the bottom) Her intention was to limit parking in the Village and especially for Café clientele rumour has it. .

    I neither oppose nor support the extension of the ‘no parking’ – I am strongly opposed to the undemocratic decision making going on this Community.

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