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0 Comments 15 July 2015

Do you have a stream or waterway ?

A2015-07-14 13.46.31Maybe you’ve had Ecomatters visit and discuss the concerns with stream and the Piha Lagoon pollution in association with septic tanks and would like some help with planting?

Planting is a first line defense against erosion and erosion is a strong contributing factor to pollution.  Also, importantly, planting helps capture and treat nutrients from septic tanks before they get to the stream

I am offering the following to you Piha:

  • A visit to look at your stream/overland water with you
  • A chat about what you like in the way of vegetation eg: scent, height, colour etc.  Whatever is important to you.
  • I’ll put a planting plan together for you.
  • I can order eco-sourced plants at best rates.
  • If necessary I can offer a subsidy to buy these plants (keeping details confidential).  You may need a 20% subsidy, 50% subsidy or even 100% subsidy.  Let’s not make it about money.
  • A friendly guide to when/how to plant and followup. (flexible depending of quality of coffee)
  • Maximum 3 hours $100 + gst.   I am not subsidised  *smile*
  • Contact form is at the bottom of this post

Offer available for appointments  31st Aug – 15 Sep only.  (I have a life too *smile*)

My qualifications: None.  Zilch.  Zero

My experience:

  • 7+ years of volunteering with Sustainable Neighbourhood.
  • Attending various associated conferences around New Zealand to learn.
  • Reading extraordinarily wonderful books on the subject.
  • Listening to some of my favourite mentors in Auckland Council Biodiversity Team and others
  • Getting down and dirty and doing it myself
  • A passion for our fresh waterways.

NOTE: The $$$ I have to subsidize the purchase of plants is made up of very generous private donations from Piha people and a  Waitakere business that visits Piha with tourists.

The following photos, except the last one (taken on a neighbouring property that the Beach Valley Road Project has done) , are taken on the boundary of Julia and my properties that were in disgusting condition when purchased.

Photos of our stream all taken on 14th July ’15.  Minimal planting as on my own property I prefer to use the natural seed bank which we’re lucky enough to have – not all areas do.   Enjoy

A2015-07-14 13.53.31  A2015-07-14 13.49.23  Ear2015-07-14 13.48.35  A2015-07-14 13.59.11  A2015-07-14 13.58.40  A2015-07-14 13.51.40  A2015-07-14 13.51.32  A2015-07-14 13.50.56  A2015-07-14 13.48.03  A2015-07-14  A2015-07-14 13.56.29

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