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Has the focus been lost ?

0 Comments 21 May 2016

“A skateboard facility and a cycle way for the kids”

So why is the focus now on buying the ‘Educational Land’?

Skate in PihaLeft:  submissions to the Local Board in Sep ’14.  ‘The Piha Kids Charitable Trust‘ has asked the Local Board to include an upgrade to the sports field area of the Piha Domain,  a skateboard facility and a cycle way for the kids and older kids of Piha in their plan .”


Skating in PihaThe Chair of Waitakere Ranges Local Board, Sandra Coney, will not commit to a skateboard facility being built on the Educational Land should Council be successful in purchasing it.

But where would the skateboard facility go in a wetlands?   Is it genuinely  part of the plan?

Maybe it’s time the Kids Charitable Trust refocused on a ‘skateboard facility’ rather than the purchase of some land that may or may not accommodate their wants/needs?

skateboard in PihaIf you would like to support skateboard facilities in Piha then there is a Facebook page : Piha Skate Park you can join up with.



Skate in PihaLeft:  Located between the Piha Tennis Club and the Piha Bowling Club this piece of land, in my opinion, is the obvious place for skateboarding facilities for Piha, Karekare and Anawhata people.
It’s close to the sports field, the kiddies playground and BBQ area as well as toilets.
A group consisting of West Coast Art Gallery, Piha CoastCare, Piha Kids Charitable Trust have been supporting our Local Board re the purchasing of this land.
If the Local Board and others wish to buy the Education Land that’s great – our West Coast Gallery could well do with extra space in the old school building.   Piha CoastCare could use the area for education etc.

Time for the Local Board to make a public statement along the lines they would advocate for and accommodate skateboarding facilities..

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