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Friends in high places – update

4 Comments 13 April 2015

An update on Christine Rose’s $45,000 council job

Recap:  Christine Rose, although endorsed by Sandra Coney, failed to win a seat in the last Council elections.  Christine’s official title now is  ‘Kauri Dieback Community Coordinator for the Waitakere Ranges‘  and as mentioned is paid $45,000 by Waitakere Local Board to do this job.  Christine lives in Rodney.  It’s too close to the bone for me.

I wrote to council asking “where and when was this contract was advertised? “

The answer:  “The opportunity was advertised to five existing, known candidates and shortlisted applicants were interviewed.”

ChristineRoseaThis is not good enough !

Our Local Board should make sure that every position is advertised so all in the Waitakere Ranges  Local Board area has the opportunity to see and apply for local jobs.

This would be the NZ Herald,  Western Leader and may be Local Board Facebook page minimum.

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4 Comments so far

  1. doris1944 says:

    Bobbie, The above information is wrong and I do not know how you could put this up when you have been given correct information. I have gone back to the Biosecurity Manager Brett Butland who ran the appointment process and he has sent me the information below which he gave you on 7 April. In that it clearly spells out where it the job was advertised and that 13 applications were received, not the 5 you claim above. Here’s what he sent me:

    I spoke to Bobbie 2 weeks ago (7 April) and followed up with an email, extracts of which follow:

    “Further to our telephone discussion today:

    · The contract opportunity was advertised via the Kauri Dieback Management Programme website, social media, Auckland University and AUT from 9 to 31 October 2014 (the initial closing date of 24 October was extended by a week).

    · The advert on the Kauri Dieback Management Programme website can be seen here: http://kauridieback.co.nz/news-media/2014/10/14/join-the-team-in-west-auckland

    · 13 applications were received – the selection team (three staff from the Biosecurity group) shortlisted the applications to 5 contractors to interview. Four of the 5 interviewed were domiciled in the Waitakere Local Board area at that time.

    · Attached is an example email sent out to advertise through AC Biosecurity/Regional Parks networks; within this attachment is the Contract Specification that was advertised. ”

    This is sent to you by Sandra Coney Chair of the Waitakere Ranges Local Board

  2. Hi Doris1944. I have presumed you were authorised by Sandra Coney to reply.

    Here are relevant extracts of emails I received

    How can we help:
    Attached is a copy of contract ACPN_16916. Can you please tell me where and when this contract was advertised? Thanks

    Hi Bobbie
    According to our emails, this was forwarded onto our recruitment centre for their response, but it appears that the enquiry you have may be around a vendor contract, as these start with ACPN.
    Vendor contracts are not advertised by Council that I am aware of, but this is a procurement action, and not something that our department deals with.
    As your email was sent onto another team, I will leave it with them to reply with whatever action they may have taken, but please note that we only advertise employment vacancies in this department, not contracts that are available to vendors.
    Thank you for contacting People and Capability. If you would like to feedback about the service you have received please do not hesitate to contact [edit], P&C directly.

    Hi Bobbie
    The opportunity was advertised to five existing, known candidates and shortlisted applicants were interviewed.
    Kind Regards
    Procurement Advisor

    Thanks so much for your response.
    Can you tell me who the 5 candidates were and who were on the shortlist please.

    Hi Bobbie
    Unfortunately I am unable to provide this but you are welcome to request it through an Official Information Request.
    Kind regards
    Procurement Advisor

  3. Moreofthesame says:

    Well, more of the same then – not transparent. Dodgy process. So additional questions that come to mind include: 1. Is $45k the full amount of the contract?Or are others contributing? 2. Why aren’t regional parks paying as it’s primarily their responsibility?. 3. This is part of a Joint National Kauri Dieback Programme. The Northland Kauri Programme co-ordinator is paid by D.O.C. (see below) Once again Waitakere appear to be paying for services that others get for free. 4. Vendor Contracts are not advertisedd??????!!!!!! Really! This is a policy of council.? This could explain a few things.

    “Alison will help set up, support and co-ordinate community-led programmes to contain the spread of kauri dieback disease in the Coromandel area.
    “We are extremely grateful to the Department of Conservation for the funding which has made this possible,” says interim Forum chair Vivienne McLean”

  4. Sandra Coney says:

    Brett Butland sent you the email I published above on 7 April, so you had all the information contained in that email. Regarding any suggestion that short-listed candidates’ names should be given out, you must know this would be a gross breach of privacy. Regarding the Local Board paying for this, why shouldn’t it? Kauri dieback is found on regional parks, local parks and private property, and we all have to play our part in doing our best to control it. In any case, whether it is local funding, or regional funding, it is all ratepayers money, so beating up on this issue is a red herring. There is about $450,000 being put in at a regional level, so the Local Board’s $45,000 is 10% of this amount. Coromandel is DOC estate which is why it would fund efforts in that area. I am not aware of kauri dieback to any extent on DOC land in the Auckland region except at Gt Barrier, which is why this is a charge to Auckland Council.

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