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Former Mayor has his say

2 Comments 09 January 2015

Bob Harvey, former Mayor of Waitakere City Council, on Piha Lagoon pollution

Lagoon Pollution:  Thanks to the Herald for bringing to the public’s attention, yet again, the pollution in the Piha and Karekare Lagoons.  It is a disgrace and an ongoing one.

The eco-friendly Waitakere City Council tried for two decades to get answers at Piha.  We were forever bullied, threatened and lied to by the major players, who added to the pollution.

We were fobbed off with “possom poo” and decaying leaves being the problem.  Absolute nonsense.  These two beaches are world-renowned and the Auckland Council, armed with the new damming report, should shut down offending premises and residences.  Strong penalties must be implemented and soon.

Karekare can have a quicker solution because there are fewer bach owners and no major service organisation.

There is no question that these two beaches need serious and immediate attention.  R.A. Harvey, Karekare.

BobHarveyL2Eleft:  Bob’s letter to the Editor of The NZ Herald.

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  1. Mike Stanley says:

    Sorry Bob, North Piha lagoon pollution should always have been easiest to rectify but I was fobbed off by Waitakere Council minions in my attempts to get action on this.

  2. Julia says:

    Well a day after the NZ Herald and TV1 & 3 carried this story, the pollution reports came back normal so all the hoo haa that has been going on for years hasnt changed. Did they go out and tell the public that?? Of course not. Did Sandra Coney go public and say it. Of course not. When the bach owners come out and use their systems that have been sitting for a few weeks or months, there can be a surge or even blockage and then it can spill over. Who knows the pollution comes from. I was told it was mainly human and fowl when they did the last DNA tests. Not they have added dog poo. Really? I cant say I see too many dogs going into water to poo. All the storm water drains from up the hill pour into the stream, those baches at the top can have stuff washed down the hill during rain. How can you say it is one person or another? We had two testings by council a couple of years ago because some nosey parker was sure that we must have a leak into the stream, but both times they came back excellent and absolutely no run off or pollution. Must say it was pretty much a case of harassment because they didnt like the fact that we had a lodge. In total we can only accommodate 4 people on one property and 4 on the other, way less than most families here, so I hardly think we would have a problem, especially since one is a very modern system.

    Bob I think you need to name the “major players”.

    The RSA were forced to redo their system at great expense. The Bowler the same. I would love to know if the results are the same, worse or better since?

    In my humble opinion, until we all go on a proper community system, we will always have the same problem at holiday times and after big rain.

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