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Estimated cost is $345,000 !

0 Comments 07 March 2016

The problem is erosion behind the Art Gallery

Stream erosion PihaThe solutions :

Solution One: Gabion basket solution.

Consent was denied because “the ecological impact of the gabion baskets was too large to gain resource consent.”  Did anyone consider the ‘environmental impact’  before putting it all together and applying for consent? What did that cost us?   Incredibly incompetent  !!!

Solution Two:  “consists of rock toe protection, rock or log weirs and vegetation planting.”

“The estimated cost for this alternative approach is $345,000. No budget is currently allocated to undertake detailed design, consent requirements or physical work.”

Three years ago, April 2013,  I initiated Piha Clean Streams Project and published the photo above

Piha Clean Streams is all about keeping our streams in Piha in a healthy ecological state by planting their banks and stream sides with eco-sourced natives.”  I became so incredibly frustrated with the dull and arrogant people from council I, as a volunteer,  had to ‘work with’ I couldn’t stand it.   I ended up telling them where to get off !!!
Let’s watch this space.  $345,000 !

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