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EcoMatters Update: Lagoon contamination

1 Comment 20 March 2015

EcoMatters update on reducing contamination in Piha’s Lagoons

Following on from the lagoon-side event, we (EcoMatters staff members Gabriella Ezeta, Pamela Gill and me) have completed three weekends talking to the residents of Piha and have managed to contact directly many people within priority areas.

We’ve discovered that most people nearest the streams were very aware of the contamination in the lagoons and aware that they must look after their septic tanks to reduce contamination. What was slightly surprising was that people who lived in the upper parts of the catchment (e.g. Going up Seaview Rd), were less aware that their septic tanks could be contributing to the contamination – significant contamination has been detected in the stormwater culvert which is fed by the drain along Seaview Rd.

PihaOverlandFlowlargeAs you can see from the attached figure (Auckland Council GIS mapping system), the flow into the Piha Lagoon can come from a large number of properties – the issue is really a community-wide one.

We encourage everyone to check that their septic tanks are working correctly, to make sure that adequate maintenance is being performed (most septic tanks should be maintained annually by a professional, many need to be maintained even more rigorously), to research things that can be done to keep the bacteria healthy and if anyone has any concerns to contact EcoMatters for a free confidential septic tank check (We are here to help!).

We are very interesting in hearing from you and your readers about the current state of environmental and social connection at Piha and what the community needs to do to help resolve the lagoon problems.

ACTION: please do our Piha Community Survey‘ if you’d like to help.

ACTION:  See Love our Lagoons for more information on the project

ACTION: Don’t let bleach or other such detergents that harm bacteria into your septic.

ACTION: Contact EcoMatters for a free confidential septic tank check  dan@ecomatters.org.nz

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1 comment

  1. the Bounder says:

    and can anyone tell me why the warning sign still can only be read from the viewpoint of being actually in the lagoon. hidden from view How stupid is that? How can any visitor or school group, canoeists make a decision to dive in or under the water or figure out whether it is in between readings or conclude that it is polluted or not if they are unaware of the lagoons reputation? What is the point of taking readings ? For local consumption ?

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