EcoMatters and your Sewage

2 Comments 20 December 2014

Is your sewage system healthy ?

EcomattersLogoAuckland Council have contracted EcoMatters to visit properties in Piha during summer to chat with you about your sewage system.

If you have an ‘old’ septic system then the emptying out of it is done by council each three years paid by us as an added surcharge in our rates.

It is the council’s responsibility to alert the owner to any possible ‘issues’ with the tank. It’s also the tank owner’s responsibility to keep any eye on their system 365 days of the year, not just Council’s responsibility every three years.

However if you have a newer chamber system then it is solely your responsibility to have it maintained.  A copy of the ‘checklist’,  when done, is sent to council after maintenance.

However I don’t trust council’s processes so I keep a close eye on our two systems :  old and new.

Smileholdhands   EcoMatters will be visiting you to ‘educate’ you on how to keep yours healthy and functioning.   Be nice to them

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  1. sandra coney says:

    A couple of corrections here Bobbie. It is the Council stormwater department that has contracted Ecomatters, not the Waitakere Ranges Local Board. They will be offering a free assessment of local homeowners septic systems to see that they are functioning properly. The purpose of this programme is to cut down effluent reaching the Piha Lagoon through stormwater paths.

  2. Village Voice Editor says:

    Hi Sandra,

    I changed ‘Local Board’ to ‘Auckland Council’ (as above) on 24th after chatting with Council staff 🙂

    I understand the purpose is ‘educational’ . . . . more clarity in latest article


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