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Droughts and fire risk

0 Comments 28 September 2015

High probability of summer drought

CornwallisFireI had an email from New Zealand clients of mine, that live in California and own a home in Piha, concerned about this summers fire risk.  Living in California fire is a very real concern.

They have asked me to make sure a reasonable distance is between the vegetation on their property and their built structures.  A sensible action given that a strong El Nino is forecast for summer 2015/16.

  • We could all think about the distance between vegetation and our buildings : especially dry manuka and other  quick burning vegetation.
  • It would be clever to have a ‘fire plan’ with our neighbours if a long summer drought is probable.  Maybe even get some advice about what to do with a house or bush fire close to us.
  • Check your building and contents insurance

Piha volunteer FireWe’ve told the Piha Volunteer Fire crew that they should help themselves to our water tanks if any of our neighbour’s homes or property is on fire.   We can fill the tanks later (and argue the bill !).

Read Ron Gorter, Piha Volunteer Fire Chief, advice regbarding drought and fire.


Last years news : West Auckland bush blaze contained – National – NZ Herald News

“NIWA is reporting  that El Niño is certain to continue over the next three months (Sep – Nov 2015) and extremely likely  to persist into summer 2015/2016. [ . . . . . ] this event could then rank amongst the 4 strongest El Niño events recorded (along with 1972/73, 1982/83 and 1997/98). Global setting – August 2015 “

“The cyclical warming of sea surface temperatures off the western coast of South America that can result in significant changes in climate in the tropical Pacific Ocean and elsewhere around the earth. Is strongly related to changes in pressure patterns and wind patterns around the tropical Pacific Ocean” El Niño Common climate & weather terms | NIWA

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