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Dredge the Piha Lagoon ???

2 Comments 09 August 2015

Good idea or ambulance at bottom of the cliff ?

We can all see the results of the massive ‘slug’ of sand moving up the coast which has raised the level of the coastal beaches from Whatapu north.  At low tide we can walk around the front of Lion Rock.    This ‘slug’ is likely to continue and increase until eventually it moves on.  It is perfectly natural coastal movement.

TheRockThis increase of sand forms a plug, so to speak, every now and again around the bottom of the Piha Lagoon where it meets Lion Rock – more often in the summer.  At times it naturally opens and in the photo left, taken this week, the tide is coming in and out of the lagoon from both sides of the Rock.

The Piha Ratepayers & Residents Assn have mooted the idea of using a digger to open a ‘temporary channel’ to flush out the pollution in the lagoon.  Depending on tidal and rain conditions the ‘temporary channel’ may only stay open a few days.  It may or may not flush out enough to keep the Lagoon safe for swimming.

SmileEEksmlThe Council would need to get a resource consent for this activity and it would be a notified consent – not cheap.  If it went ahead it ‘might’ reduce the health risk, in the short-term,  reducing the faecal pollution in the lagoon.

Think about it folk.  Is this what it’s come to?   Surely we can reduce pollution without such drastic measure.  What would it take?  Lets . . . .

  • Treat our septic tanks with the priority care that is needed.
  • Reduce overland flow of storm water washing over our ‘septic disbursement areas on our land’ eventually getting to the lagoon.
  • Stop feeding ducks, birds etc.  Pick up dog and horse poo.
  • IF you have excess storm-water advise council and if necessary ask them to reduce it.
  • Spread our use of water evenly over the day.

Let’s treat this as a ‘community problem’ and all get in together and address it.  Will you ?

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2 Comments so far

  1. Sally says:

    Dredge the lagoon? What next? Put a big concrete pipe in?

  2. Marco says:

    Install a sewage system and treatment plant in Piha. Stop infecting the land. Come on Auckland City, most suburbs have it.

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