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Dog Access Rules – deliberations

1 Comment 03 September 2015

Deliberations open to the public.

Waitakere Ranges Local Dog Access Review

LocalBoardDeliberations“The local board appointed a panel of the whole board and delegated to the panel the authority to receive, hear, deliberate and make decisions on submissions and other relevant information.”

Photo: from left Neil Henderson (out of view), Sandra Coney, staff member, Denis Yates (Chair), staff, Saffron Toms and Greg Presland.

All the consultation and listening is done and it’s time for the panel to deliberate.

  • Where: Local Board Office, Glen Eden
  • Date: Wednesday 9th September
  • Time: 10am.
  • Open: Open to public.

DogRegoaThe outcome will be adopted at the meeting of the Board on 10th September.

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1 comment

  1. Liz Stone says:

    One of the reasons put forward by Sandra Coney for banning dogs from the lagoon area is health and safety because “they will wee in the lagoon”. What do you think the ducks do? the eels and fish? the small children? It’s not exactly a pristine environment with that septic field (among the Trees for Babies) right next to it, and with the stream flowing through it, I think the quantity of any dog wee on a mid-winter week day would be so small it would not be measureable. A fatuous justification for severely restricting dogs and dog owners’ enjoyment, I say!

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