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Dog Access Rules – Decision

7 Comments 11 September 2015

Waitakere Ranges Local Board makes dog access decisions

DogLocalBoard2015Left: Greg Presland, Neil Henderson, Sandra Coney, Council staff member, Denise Yates (Chair), Council staff member, Local Democracy Adviser and Saffron Toms at this evenings Local Board Meeting. This was the panel (excluding staff members), appointed by the Local Board (themselves), to hear and make recommendations on the new dog access rules to be accepted or adopted by the Local Board. (Steve Tollestrup has been unwell).


Summary for Piha:

  • Dogs on-leash from 190 meters north of the end of North Piha Road south to Monkey Rock.
  • Dogs off-leash southwards of Monkey Rock to the access track at Little Lion Rock corner (beginning of Marine Parade North)
  • Dogs prohibited at all times southward of access point at Little Lion rock Corner (beginning of Marine Parade North.
  • Dogs off-leash on Piha Domain and the adjacent lagoon area up to the point where the beach area open out to the south and north and as marked by appropriate marker poles. (Does not include Camp Ground – Fiona can make her own rules)
  • Dogs prohibited at all times on Regional Park areas: Lion Rock, the very North Piha Beach and very south of Piha Beach
  • Dogs on-leash
    • North Piha Strand
    • Piha Esplanade Reserve
    • Les Waygood Park
    • North Piha Esplanade
    • Piha South Road Reserve adjacent to Piha Beach

Definitely the oral submissions carried considerable weight.  Decisions made that differ from the formal proposal

  • Dogs off-leash on Piha Domain
  • Dogs off-leash in the Piha Lagoon up to some point behind Lion Rock
  • NO restrictions, as requested in submissions, regarding inside flagged area at North Piha
  • others I’m too tired to try and remember  🙂

Below:  Left: The proposed access rules. Right the rules decided on this evening.

CapturePihaNthPihaDog     DogsPihaNthPihaFinal


New signs should be up by Labour Weekend.


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7 Comments so far

  1. Norma says:

    The biggest “No Brainer ” in these final rules is that the northern boundary is to be Monkey Rock. So, visitors arrive, park in the far north carpark then wonder why they can’t just walk up and over the sandhills down to the beach. Instead they have to walk out onto the road and try to find the track to Monkey Rock How much easier it would be to have a sign at the end of the carpark saying “No Dogs north of this carpark on the beach !!!!

  2. mark scott says:

    how on earth is an empty winters south piha beach – a problem place for a dog to walk

  3. Sally says:

    Where is Piha South Road Reserve? My ‘maps’ app can’t find it

  4. doris1944 says:

    Norma, The Local Board does not make rules for the northern end of the beach. They are made by the governing body as it is regional park. We are recommending to the governing body that they change the area between Monkey Rock (Cub Rock) to the northern carpark from on leash to off leash and then prohibit dogs from there north. The Governing Body will be starting to look at their dog rules next year.
    Sandra Coney

  5. Liz Stone says:

    So the no dogs on (South) Piha beach at all times, including mid-week, mid-winter stays? Madness!

  6. Maria Cavanagh says:

    Great feed back to the community. Clear and precise. Thank you.

  7. Lianne Woodall says:

    Thanks Bobbie, that is great news about the Domain, at least!

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