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Dog Access Review Hearing

8 Comments 03 September 2015

Hearing – WRLB Dog Access Review

DogRules01aToday the Local Board heard the oral hearings from those who made submissions and requested to speak on the proposed new dog access rules.

Of all the submissions 11 requested to be heard and 8 turned up.  One person read a neighbour’s submission as he was away.  Most, if not all,  felt the proposed new rules were too restrictive and unfair on dogs and their owners.

Here, if you wish to read, is my submission:


  • That the Local Board uses season dates Labour Saturday to 1 March
  • Piha and North Piha Beaches sunset to sunrise on-leash year round
  • Dogs on leash at all times within 50 metres of Surf Life Saving flags
  • Dogs on leash at all times within 50 metres of any emergency vehicle on Piha or North Piha Beaches.
  • No Dog Zone south of Piha Beach toward the gap
  • No Dog Zone on Piha Beach during summer season between 10am and 6pm.
  • Off-leash on Piha Beach between sunrise–10am and 6pm-sunset during summer season.
  • Off-leash on Piha Beach during winter season between sunrise and sunset
  • Off-leash in the Piha Lagoon to allow a safe area for dogs to swim with their owners.
  • Better signage (on leash) on the entry and streets in Piha.


  • My name is Bobbie Carroll. I am the co-owner of Black Sands Lodge, 9 Sylvan Glade, Piha which is now in its 11th year of operation.  I am also the co-owner of the adjoining property 54 Beach Valley Road and live there with my partner.
  • I have lived permanently in Piha for 15 years. Prior to this I was a bach owner at Piha since the early 90s.  I have been a visitor to Piha since the 80s.
  • I fully support No-dog zones in the sensitive areas at the north end of North Piha Beach, Lion Rock and at the southern end of Piha Beach.
  • I agree with Auckland Council’s Policy “to keep dogs as a positive part of the life of Aucklanders by maintaining opportunities for dog owners to take their dogs into public places while adopting measures to minimise the problems caused by dogs”
  • I also agree with the statement “ensure decisions provide for public safety and comfort, protection of wildlife and habitat and the needs of dogs and their owners”

DogAccessEarbLeft: The red indicates those most likely to walk via the Milk Track or Sylvan Glade to Piha Beach with their dogs.  Where the blue line ends is where dog owners would be forced to take their dogs – horrendous rips if the dogs and/or owners swim.

To have dogs prohibited on Piha Beach is unfair to dogs and their owners at Piha Beach who live close by the beach on Marine Parade, Beach Valley Road, Sylvan Glade, upper Seaview Road, Pendrall Road, Piha Road and Rayner Road who are more inclined to walk their dogs to the beach for their own personal exercise.

Dogs02Photo left: During winter time there are very few people on the beach and no historic problems with dogs.

I also showed a 60 second video taken on Piha Beach which I cannot upload but you can see it dated September 1 on Village Voice FaceBook which shows 3 dog owners and 4 dogs only on Piha Beach during the first week of September .

Dogs06aPhoto left:  A visitor from Titirangi who brings his dogs out regularly in winter to exercise – and brings his poo bag




Dogs05a    Dogs04a

Photos above:  To have dogs prohibited from the Lagoon area always makes it extremely unsafe for owners to swim with their dogs North of Lion Rock renowned for its rips.  Note: Left photo used without permission from Lynne Towner – but for a good cause.

We have had people stay at Black Sands several times while they have waited for bodies to return after drownings north of Lion Rock.  It is renowned for its dangerous rips.

I understand this hearing is about dog rules and not signs, however I suggest that using the international signs for No and Yes and changing them twice a year would solve that sign problem.

DogsAllowedb  NoDogsa  DogsOnLeash

In my opinion the real problem with dogs in Piha is dogs on the streets off-leash. Every dog fight or child or adult frightened by a dog, which I have witnessed, has been on the street and not beach front or on the beaches.

End of my submission.

Fiona Anderson, Piha Domain Camp, submitted with the following key points

  • Keep current rules
  • New rules confusing and unrealistic
  • Fiona does not agree with no dogs in the Piha lagoon area.  (Note: Sandra Coney explained this was to minimize pollution in the lagoon)
  • Piha Domain Camp is advertised as ‘Pet friendly’ and Family friendly.  Family includes pets.
  • Piha Domain Camp’s clients are often people with not a lot of extra income after paying for their family holiday at the camp.  They could hardly afford the cost of putting their dog in a kennel.
  • Fiona was happy with dogs on leash on the Domain.
  • The ‘sports field’, Fiona thinks, is classified as overflow parking and not a sports field.  She would like people to be able to exercise their dogs there.
  • Current rules should be enforced.

Liz Stone submitted

  • Waitakere drivers have high-speed cars and there are few footpaths.  Dangerous for dog walking.
  • Off leash dogs walk at a brisk trot.  On leash exercise is not adequate exercise to get cardio up.
  • and other points.


Left:  Terry Gray of Rayner Road Piha and Liz Stone of Beach Valley Road Piha met for the first time after the meeting.

They are ‘sort of whanau’ as their dogs are siblings we found out.

The Local Board’s deliberations will be done in a public meeting. I shall publish details separately.

Your Comments

8 Comments so far

  1. Sooz says:

    1) How many submissions for change compared to how many against? 2) the local board are elected by their community by the people who believe they represent them. Start representing your people and listen to the community! It’s appalling!

  2. Mike says:

    Which board? I thought there were 2? I’ve never voted or been invited to vote so how do they represent me? How many on the council live out here – not just own property and live in Auckland – and understand life in Piha?
    Sorry, proposals poorly thought out and overly restrictive.

  3. Lisa Towner says:

    Things are FINE the way they are. I agree with Fiona, I think we’re all living in harmony with our doggies and the environment currently so why change a system that’s already functioning well?……..

  4. erin says:

    I attended the hearing and was impressed with your submission bobby. I tried to do a submission on line but couldn’t thought I was a ludite until I heard facebook other people were having trouble. Consequently I didn’t get a submission in but went to the meeting. I was impressed with your submission less impressed of the two people who didn’t show up and the only submissions were all pihi.. My dogs aren’t beach bunnies only one cocker and he likes the tide out!! Written submissions were quite interesting to read of the people who submitted and chose not to attend. i wouldn’t like to be on the local board and live at pihi!!!
    Still I will continue to take an active interest in what is happening. You have in all the access areas dog on leads owners trying to deal with off lead owners!! Then you have the public!! Off lead owners turn a blind eye to dog dumpings and define off lead in control!! Dog control only have 10 staff 24/7 to cover all of Waitakere. they have the powers of a wet bus ticket.

  5. erin says:

    OMG I can’t spell Piha sorry everyone I should learn spell check!!

  6. Moi Becroft says:

    Very Good submission Bobbie – thank you for representing so many silent voices…

  7. Alison says:

    What was the outcome? Did u get to keep the old rule? I live in Pt Chev and about to present my submission to the hearing on Monday the 7th. Very nervous as I have not spoken publicly for 20 yrs

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