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Did you receive one of these?

0 Comments 01 July 2016

Not all Piha or Karekare received this

Wastewater tipsA ‘Love your Lagoons’ brochure with a fridge magnet ‘Handy Wastewater Tips’

Financial restraints, I am told, meant only households in the ‘Lagoon catchment’ areas received one of these.  Silly, in my opinion, as all our water ends up in the ocean somehow.

Handy Wastewater Tips:

  • ensure your septic tanks is regularly maintained and checked by a professional
  • spread out shower and laundry use to avoid a water ‘rush hour’
  • carefully manage water use when you have lots of visitors
  • use eco-friendly cleaning products
  • watch out for signs of a system failure, such as murky and smelly puddles on the property or wastewater surfacing.

Lagoon pollutionA couple of my observations:

Maybe it’s time Piha had some community sewage treatment?   There are several options these days.  Piha could be split into three and have Council systems to treat our each area’s sewage.

Storm-water infrastructure:  With more permanent residents in Piha and baches extending and becoming homes comes a requirement for more infrastructure.  If roadsides are to be used for storm-water then they need to be maintained to a much higher standard.   We are now getting more and more ‘monsoonal’ type rain.  Our water table is rising.   Some infrastructure is needed to handle all these factors.


If you’re putting in a concrete driveway please put in some drainage every couple of metres.

This stops a rush of water on the roadside or your neighbour’s property resulting in additional overland storm-water.  Reduce or stop your storm-water entering a neighbour’s property.


water tank overflow

Water tank overflows can contribute to an excess overland water flow.

Left:  We have this black piping taking overflow horizontally across our land to spread it out.  Plant water loving natives in soggy spots.


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