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Council vs Sustainable Neighbourhoods

0 Comments 05 March 2015

Auckland Council to drop Sustainable Neighbourhoods funding

It’s a fact that for every $1 you support volunteers with you’ll get $7 benefit.


Left:  This is how council care for the ‘Jewel in the Crown’ : parks in Piha!  Cape ivy has taken over the southern side of the boardwalk not to mention road sides and many other places.

It could have been controlled quite easily some years ago but it’s been left to take over.



Left:  This is what happens to Cape ivy in a sustainable neighbourhood area.

It’s killed; dead, gone, no more!   And you’ve pulled the funding ?


The Beach Valley Road Project was a pilot project for WCC’s attempt to work in partnership with communities.  We are a part of sustainable neighbourhoods now.  It’s about Council working in partnership with the people.

Basically council pay the bills and people volunteer their time – on private and public land.  No more they say – we’re not funding it.

“How dare you abandon us, your partner, without consulting with us.  We have invested thousands of hours in Beach Valley Road but you’re bailing”

Submit on Auckland’s 10 year Budget and ask them to reinstate Sustainable Neighbourhoods

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