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Council: get your house in order

9 Comments 17 April 2016

Pollution in Piha

It’s time Auckland Council looked seriously at their own assets

I’ve worked with and supported Council and EcoMatters in their education/efforts to cut the pollution in the Piha Lagoons over the last year or so.  I am getting very frustrated with the performance of their own (sewage) assets.

Sewage02I spotted two ‘Poo Trucks’ in Piha today.  The men in them told me a ‘spill’ had been reported but they weren’t sure where it was.

Photo left: I contacted Fiona to see if she knew where the ‘reported leak’ was and she did.  Here she is under the umbrella, showing the workmen where it was.

Sewage03Left:  This is raw sewage on the Piha Domain !

Yip – its school holiday time and the rugby season close and we have raw sewage on the Domain.

It would seem the pump in this treatment plant is no longer up to the job.  Not good enough !


Left:  You’ll recognise the library building on the right of this photo. The sewage is in front of that flax and tree to the left of the library.

The sewage had been leaking for at least 18 hours !   It was only reported because Fiona noticed something strange and took action.  If she hadn’t I wonder how long the leak would have continued before it was fixed ????

Suggestions for Council:

  • The alarm, in case of failure, on this sewage treatment system is not working.  FIX IT !
  • Your assets should be ‘serviced’ on a regular basis.  Prevention is better than leaks and this is not the first leak this year.
  • You cannot and should not rely on the public reporting leakages or alarms.  They’re your responsibility – deal with it.
  • If this treatment system fails that means the sewage from the Surf Club, Bowling Club, RSA, Domain Camp and public toilets are all failing.  Close them immediately and get ‘Portaloos’ out.
  • How are the people of Piha and visitors to know that the Domain is covered in raw sewage ?
  • Get your own house in order.   Do it this winter, do it properly and tell us what you’re doing.


A photo taken at the side of the Lagoon, near the Trees for Babes, taken last week.

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9 Comments so far

  1. Glenda says:

    That’s really strange because a group of electricians have just been working there earlier in the week as the electrics needed to be attached to the library as they were “not working well enough” from the power pole. Maybe the extra power has burst a valve???

  2. Bobbie Carroll says:

    This morning a Ben Meadows, Property Coordinator, Auckland Council Property Department, came out to chat with me and is now going to chat with Fiona. Good – this means they’re taking it reasonably seriously. Bobbie

  3. Linda Cooper says:

    I have asked Craig McIlroy, General Manager: Stormwater – Infrastructure & Environment to comment and make sure there is action.
    Linda Cooper
    Councillor for Waitakere

  4. Glenda says:

    The guy I talked to came from wellsford. When I asked why the council did not use local ie cheaper electricians he said it was because they didn’t trust them. No wonder the council budgets are going way over.

  5. Kelly says:

    That is disgusting! Have they fenced off the effected area & put up warning signs?
    I hope so, as my kids were playing at the domain today!

    • Bobbie says:

      I have spoken to Council and they agree this is a good idea and it’s being arranged. Better late than never I suppose.

  6. Linda Cooper says:

    Here’s a progress report from Ben Meadows, Council’s Property Manager- Operational Division. Looks like the problem has been identified and the job logged to be fixed.

    “I have been on site and met with Bobbie Carroll and discussed the current issue at the Piha Domain waste water treatment plant. She now understands that we are committed to getting this resolved quickly. I have also had a site meeting and inspection of the treatment plant with the Piha Campground manager Fiona and similarly I have reassured her that we will get a solution to the current problem as well as looking to establish a long term plan for scheduled maintenance of this site.

    I have spoken to our FM Supplier (Spotless) and they have confirmed that the leak to the plant is due to a lack of adequate power possibly due to ‘alterations/additions’ that have been undertaken to the system. I have raised a work order for the power supply to be restored and upgraded as a short to medium term solution but in the long term we will need to involve Vector to improve the power supply to the plant.

    If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact me.

    Kind regards


  7. Glenda says:

    Talking to the electricians there yesterday apparently there was no power to the pump for several days so it overflowed. They have now got power to it and they say it should start to work after a few hours. Pity about all the shit covering the Domain in the meantime! The ducks were all enjoying but I hope they dont get sick as it was pretty gross.

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