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Cost of dog signs confirmed

8 Comments 12 January 2015

The cost of Piha’s new Dog signs is confirmed at $22,000

20141201bI attended the Piha R&R AGM on Sunday where a resident asked what  the cost of the new dog signs was.   There was silence so I answered the question – $22,000 !

Chair of Waitakere Ranges Local Board (WRLB), Sandra Coney,  was present and said something to the effect she didn’t think it was that much.  I confirmed it was but double checked.

Minutes of the WRLB Meeting 8th May 2014  Item #14: Local & Sports Parks West Draft 2014/15 Capital Works Programme includes the following for Piha

  1. Dog By-law signage $22,000
  2. Glenesk Rd stream erosion $350,000
  3. Les Waygood Park – renewal of wastewater system ($79,967 deferred) $14,443
  4. Les Waygood Park – relocation of existing playground $15,960
  5. Les Waygood Park – replace roof on women’s ablution block $30,000
  6. Piha Domain – Renewal of water supply $25,000

Link to the Agenda – It’s Item #14 and Link to Minutes confirming. Again Item #14

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8 Comments so far

  1. Bobbie, you were sitting right at the back of the hall and the person asking the question was in the front row. You misheard the question and answered a question that was not asked.

  2. Bobbie Carroll says:

    Sandra: I heard the question well. I know who asked the question so have been to ask “What was the question you asked?” (no leading questions). I was correct – the question was “What was the cost of the new dog signs?” The answer is $22,000

    By the way: what did you think the question was?

  3. Coaster says:

    What a sad way to start 2015
    Is this just another attempt by the lone village voice to slag off, put down and undermine Sandra Coney and her good work?
    In my view It’s repetitive, boring and extremely destructive.

    Imagine what could be done with all those years of dark energy (if it was to be good energy) going into such a gutless campaign of petty undermining of good work…

    Why bother? What drives such sadness?

    And where are the positive outcomes from the slagging off of such a positive contributor?

    Try another life lone voice..,or drop the vitriolic ego

  4. Bobbie Carroll says:

    Thanks for your comments Coaster.

    A question is asked at a public meeting. None of the 3 Local Board members present could/would answer. I did and the meeting is told my figures aren’t right.

    I’m then told I didn’t hear the question properly. I thought I did so get that confirmed.

    What drives me? This is what drives me! Ratepayers ask a question and deserve a) an answer and b) the correct answer. It’s that easy.

    Positive outcomes? We got a Café in Piha – that’s a very positive outcome that Village Voice staunchly contributed to. We still have our precious Bowling Club building – contributed to that too. . . . . .

  5. Weekender says:

    Bobbie you do an excellent job at getting to the crux of issues. Yes you and Sandra seem to have a slug at each other sometimes, but we appreciate this web site. I have not commented before but felt the need to defend your stand. You mostly seem fair to us. We also think you research very well. Coaster doesnt seem to have understood what happened at the meeting. Silly to make comments like that without understanding the issue.

  6. Malcolm Miller says:

    Who are you Coaster, we don’t hide behind an alias

  7. The interchange you refer too Bobbie, was an unruly part of the meeting, where side remarks were being made and you yelled out. The LB is happy to answer questions when requested to, but we weren’t. Don’t read into that that we “couldnt or wouldnt”. We have not hidden in any way the cost of the signs. You yourself got it out of the Local Board agenda. Hardly a secret.

  8. Bobbie Carroll says:

    Great. So we agree that was the question Sandra?

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