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6 Comments 20 January 2016

The Piha Ratepayers & Residents AGM

DemocracyI attended the recent Piha Ratepayers & Residents AGM, as everyone is entitled to, without being a member.

I was not intending to write about it but Bob Harvey’s recent article has prompted me to write about the number of people who attended the Piha R&R AGM.


Firstly their draft Minutes state  ‘Ken Cowan President and 26 members’ present.   Here is the breakdown of the 27  attendees

  • ‘Waitakere Ranges Local Board:  Chair Sandra Coney;  Vice Chair, Denise Yates and Member Steve Tollestrup’  So let’s start with 27 – 3 = 24
  • Two, including myself, were not members. 24 – 2 = 22
  • Committee Members &/or  their partners present:
    • Bruce Middleton, Secretary, and partner/wife Nicola Legat, Committee Member
    • Hanneke Bouchier and husband/partner Randall Morton – both Committee Members
    • Tony Dunn, Committee Member and partner Kath Dewar
    • Graeme Carrie, Committee Member,  & wife Claire
    • Jonathan Green Committee Member
    • Graham Cleghorn Committee /Treasurer .   That  makes a total of 22 – 10 = 12  that aren’t on the Committee, a partner of a committee member blah blah
  • Also Sandra Coney’s partner/husband Peter Hosking

That is the makeup of the attendees at the Piha Ratepayers & Residents Assn AGM !

Not one mandate was asked for during this AGM.   This is the association that constantly and publicly tells whoever will listen that they represent the people of Piha.

Bob Harvey’s recent article

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6 Comments so far

  1. Graham says:

    Love the pic So many people go around like this lol

  2. SHARD says:

    Organisations like the R&R don’t evolve. Hence, they do not survive. They are a dying breed.

  3. P.H.E. says:


  4. Te Bounder says:

    democracy is about attending, why people criticise the organisation is beyond me if they aren’t prepared to participate. By suggesting an alternative is counter productive when the bones of a worthwhile community asset are there for one and all. Apathy or the majority are happy enough with the work done by these people otherwise they would be voted out. If all the detractors turned up paid their membership fees then who knows? Probably such a discontent bunch nothing would be resolved or actioned.

  5. Bobbie says:

    Te Bounder: Many good democratic people have got on this committee to make an attempt at truly representing the people of Piha. Just about without exception they have one by one and at times two by two just walked out. It shouldn’t be hard but it sure is. R&Rs are redundant in my opinion.

    We have Piha Kids Charitable Trust, First Response, CoastCare, Library Trust, The Arts Trust and many more specialist groups all perfectly able to represent themselves.

  6. Keith says:

    When I became Chair through the process of the elected chair unavailable through work, we won’t go back over that, I worked with John Seton to get the simplest solution to the problem. The lease is transferred to the library as it is now an approved trust, and the condition was quite simple , that a one liner was . In the event that the library ceased to be a viable asset , they would revoke their charitable status, that was the point , and the building would be returned to the management of the R& R until a decision was made to as its future use. John and I agreed . I lost the vote and resigned.

    That was probably six years ago when I did the Post Office and look how that has worked.

    Shame the simplest solutions are so difficult

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