Raw sewage in Piha

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Council: get your house in order

9 Comments 17 April 2016

Pollution in Piha It’s time Auckland Council looked seriously at their own assets I’ve worked with and supported Council and EcoMatters in their education/efforts to cut the pollution in the Piha Lagoons over the last year or so.  I am getting very frustrated with the performance of their own (sewage) assets. I spotted two ‘Poo Trucks’ […]

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Madeira Vine


This could cost you $400

No Comments 14 April 2016

Madeira Vine could cost you $400 Madeira Vine (Mignonette Vine) is a ‘notifiable weed’ which means it must be reported to Council. I spotted this, left,  on the northern side of the boardwalk, then had it identified.  This is a very serious weed. It’s hard to believe it could get this big, and in flower, without it […]

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Surf Break Research

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Surprising there was so few

No Comments 12 April 2016

A ‘Surf Break Research’ meeting in Piha poorly attended Nine public attended this meeting on April 2nd in Piha SLSC ! I was very surprised not to see more people there.  I was definitely expecting someone  from the Waitakere Ranges Local Board and the Piha Residents & Ratepayers to be there.   It was a very interesting presentation and […]

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West Coast Lagoons

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Water testing finished but $$$ available

No Comments 11 April 2016

Auckland Council’s Water Quality testing has finished Now it’s time for us to do our bit as property owners. The summer season testing for Lagoons and Beaches is over for the season.  We’ve had consistent ‘failures’ for Piha Lagoon but, says Council, the level of pollution generally has been ‘down’. Now it’s time for us […]

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Piha Village Voice

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Here’s your opportunity . . . .

No Comments 30 March 2016

Headline:  Lagoons continually polluted You can make a difference – $100 plant voucher thrown in. Many years ago now I attended a WCC series of workshops on ‘Nature in your Neighbourhood’.  The rest is history.      Learn how to restore streambanks and waterways at a Riparian Management Workshop. Anyone from Karekare or Piha that attends this will receive […]

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Clean streams

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He aha te mea nui? He tangata He tangata He tangata

No Comments 24 March 2016

Piha Stream-side Restoration What is the most important thing?  It is people, it is people, it is people. “We envisage a weed-free, well vegetated stream-side that allows good access for pedestrians wanting a pleasant and safe route to Glen Esk Road and for others who may want to linger, rest, picnic or play alongside a […]

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Surf Break Research

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Surf Break Research Piha

No Comments 23 March 2016

Surf Break Research Stakeholders Workshop – Piha We are holding the second of a series of national workshops on developing guidelines for monitoring and preserving New Zealand’s national and regional surf breaks on April 2nd, 2016, 2:00pm – 4:00pm.  The purpose of the workshops is to scope ideas on factors that should be considered in developing these […]

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Stream erosion Piha

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Estimated cost is $345,000 !

No Comments 07 March 2016

The problem is erosion behind the Art Gallery The solutions : Solution One: Gabion basket solution. Consent was denied because “the ecological impact of the gabion baskets was too large to gain resource consent.”  Did anyone consider the ‘environmental impact’  before putting it all together and applying for consent? What did that cost us?   Incredibly incompetent  […]

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Civil defence Piha

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No Comments 05 March 2016

Are we ready for an emergency ? Auckland Council is asking for your input into the Civil Defence and Emergency Management Plan Our First Responders and Volunteer Fire crew have their own families and homes – it’s unfair to rely on them – in my humble opinion At the Waitakere Ranges Local Board annual budget […]

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Water Quality

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Water Quality Test Results

3 Comments 02 March 2016

SafeSwim water quality monitoring – West Coast   29 March 2016  –  Unsafe: North Piha and South Piha  Lagoons. Bethells Lagoon,                  22 March 2016  –  Unsafe: Bethells Lagoon, North Piha and South Piha  Lagoons and others     16 March 2016  –  Unsafe: Bethells, North Piha and South Piha  Lagoons. Retest: Karekare Car […]

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Petition in Piha

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You should read before signing !

5 Comments 12 February 2016

I was offered a petition to sign last Monday Last Monday while at the ‘Love our Lagoons’ event I was approached by a member of the Piha Ratepayers & Residents group to sign a petition entitled ‘Save our unique Lagoon – Soul’. Of course I’d like to sign that but first I asked for the […]

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Piha Lagoon

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Did You? Didn’t You?

No Comments 12 February 2016

Love our Lagoons event last Monday Auckland Council’s Environmental Services Unit was in Piha last Monday, Public Holiday,  at the Piha Lagoon. Speaking to EcoMatters folk they were pleased with the discussions they had with people but were a little disappointed with the turnout.  So . . . . . Did you attend and if […]

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