Caring for our Neighbourhood

0 Comments 13 September 2015

BVR20150913eCaring for our own Neighbourhood

A legacy project from Waitakere City Council and now part of Sustainable Neighbourhoods the Beach Valley Road Project is doing well.

Left: circled in orange is a little Astelia banksii from the mother plant above it.



Left: circled in orange a little Carex from the ones above.  Heaps of these will grow now the weeds have gone.  

This is opposite Piha’s RSA.



BVR20150913AThis area doesn’t need a lot of maintenance now – well as long as Auckland Transport stops weed-eating and mowing our natives !

Left: before today’s working bee

Below left: also before our working bee.  Middle and right : after weeding and supplementary planting.  That black bag is full of weeds we pulled today.

BVR20150913b  BVR20150913c  BVR20150913d

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