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Butt out – you’re stupid !

1 Comment 10 August 2016

Piha’s Crash Corner – leave it alone

3 cars go off the road this year but the sign isn’t quite right !

Piha News

In the Piha Community News latest issue the front page is about Piha’s Car Crash Corner that I wrote about early this year.  ‘Off-roading in Piha‘.

Piha RoadOn the 14th of March this year I wrote to Auckland Transport asking them to discuss the safety here and received this reply:  “With regards the issue where vehicles have gone over the cliff where the pine trees were removed.  AT have investigated the site and delineation will be put in place within the next two weeks to highlight the corner to drivers”


Road sign PihaIn June Auckland Transport erected this sign.

One might think that would be the end of it but no !  Yawn




RnRChevrona Left:  A paragraph in Piha Ratepayers & Residents ‘report’ in the latest Piha News  “The newly erected chevron sign near 59 Piha Road may reduce the number of vehicles that have gone off the road here, but is unnecessarily high and we are working on having it lowered.  This would be equally effective, yet not impact on the view and help to hide the transformer behind it” 

Piha crash cornerLeft:  I’ve drawn an orange line extending from the roof of this small car.

Now let’s move this small car forward a few feet.   The sign is too high?  Really ?  You are truly stupid people.  Leave the damn sign where AT put it.

Lifting this chevron so cars can hide it is nearly as stupid as planting bushy trees around public toilets to keep woman and kids safe – duh !  But that’s another story.

NOTE: The latest Piha News is the first with the new Editor, Cindy Baxter, working on it.  Great production Cindy and Sasha

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1 comment

  1. jameel says:

    And stop putting up even more road signs… its getting worse than an autobahn!!
    There is nothing wrong with the roads, only with dumb and idiotic drivers who cant drive to the conditions.

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