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Bullying and hypocrisy

5 Comments 22 December 2015

The bullying of some people astounds me

Representing the people’s needs  –  I don’t think so !

No !   they have now installed a pole to stop any wheeled  access other than bikes

Piha It started, I suppose, with the Beach Valley Road Project (BVR Project).  The Piha Ratepayers & Residents, mainly Helen Pearce and Monique Davies (Olivier) insisted that this environmental project be under the control of the R&R.  “No” we said – the people of Beach Valley Road are working directly with Waitakere City Council.


Regarding the Milk Track : The BVR Project

  • Had the milk track graded so people didn’t break their ankles.
  • When that didn’t work WCC put in some drainage to stop the corrugations.
  • We then weeded and planted the reserve on the corner and had a ‘community seat’ installed.

Piha Beach Valley Road Project


Well that was too much for Helen Pearce who wanted to park her car on the reserve  – that was the beginning of this nonsense.  Out goes the baby with the bath water.


So the Piha Ratepayers and Residents Assn, of which Helen Pearce was the Secretary,  started a campaign with the Waitakere Ranges Local Board (WRLB) for revenge.

  • They wanted what used to be a  roadway  from Seaview to Beach Valley Roads closed for vehicle access.
  • This included two properties that for years and years had accessed their properties from the Milk Track.
  • One property was left with no access so has had to make a new one.

I submitted to the Local Board that the traffic around this pohutukawa in the middle of BVR was

  • An important turning point and parking for patrons of the Piha RSA.
  • It was also an important pull-over point when emergency vehicles used BVR.
  • I asked them not to change what had worked for decades.

It’s done – now, no doubt, we’ll have to have more ‘no parking yellow lines’.  Shame on the Piha R&R and the Local Board !

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5 Comments so far

  1. Sandra Coney says:

    This was on a local board agenda months and months ago as you know. People can only access their properties directly from a public reserve with permission and that would generally be if there was no other way. These properties can access their properties from the road, and used to, so no problem. The Parks Dept rightly said it was dangerous for vehicles to be sharing a small space with pedestrians, especially if they were backing out of driveways. You were at the meeting where the parks officer explained this. This is a pedestrian friendly solution. It has nothing to do with a campaign by the R&R, that’s just nonsense.
    Sandra Coney
    Chair WRLB

  2. Village Voice Editor says:

    Sandra: This action by Council was as a direct result of a complaint. Vehicles were stopped driving down the Milk Track many years ago but the lower properties have been able to access their properties via lower Milk Track forever. When questioned about why other properties in Piha were able to access their homes via ‘reserve’ the answer was there had been no complaints. The Local Board was asked to consider the consequences to traffic in this area by this action but ignored it. One has to wonder how ambulance / fire will be able to ‘get around’ this. The present situation is a direct result of a vindictive complaint.

  3. mark scott says:

    I wonder how many injuries have been caused by cars using the lower part for access- or for that matter back in the day when it was a gravel road shortcut – my bet is none.

  4. Sandra Coney says:

    Bobbie, you are wrong to say the lower properties accessed their properties from the reserve “forever”. There was access from the road for years. Yes, you are right there had been complaints. Not just one, quite a number from people who lived above it on Seaview and Rayner Road. The reserve has been made more dangerous for cars and people by the erection of the wall, which the owner was entitled to do, but it has obviously made the public space more cramped. Bottom line, reserves are not private driveways and the vehicle access never had permission. This is just one of a number of reserves, where the Board has given public pedestrian access a priority.
    Sandra Coney

  5. Bobbie says:

    When did the ‘A Frame’ NOT access their property from the reserve?
    With what’s been going on I’d claim my boundaries too !
    Board has given public pedestrian access a priority” Can we have two examples in Piha please ?

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