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Book an inorganic pick-up

0 Comments 04 February 2016

Inorganic collections are paid for in your rates

Piha, Karekare and Anawhata’s  inorganic collections are between: 12/09/2016 and 16/09/2016

Inorganic RubbishThis pickup is paid for in your rates so if you happen to own two properties then you can order a ‘pick up’ for each property.

You can book your pick-up up to two weeks before your collection. You will also receive a flyer in your letterbox three weeks before your collection week.

  • We will only accept up to 1 cubic metre of inorganic material (approximately a small trailer load).
  • You need to place items for pick up in a location within your property ̶ not the berm or kerb ̶ where they are easy to reach and pick up from.
  • Items to be picked up need to be clearly identifiable.
  • We will not pick up prohibited or hazardous items.
  • We will not pick up items placed behind a locked gate, or where dogs are not restrained.

Book your inorganic pick-up

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