Because you are part of environment

2 Comments 22 October 2015

Because humans are part of the environment

BVR20151022_184123aToday the vegetation close to this ghastly fence was cut back to make sure drivers pulling out of Beach Valley Road had good vision up Seaview Road so they could do so safely.

People are part of the environment‘ is something we took on board when starting this project.  If we don’t consider humans then humans won’t buy into caring – that’s my belief and it’s rung true several times.

BVR20151022_184020Left:  Taken from the drivers place in Beach Valley Road showing a clear line of vision up Seaview Road for vehicle safety.

The plants now growing so well along the fence line are: Oioi, Dianella nigra and Coastal flax.  Coastal flax is much smaller than the more common one, Phormium tenax or Harekeke, and has beautiful yellow flowers and not the regular red.  As it’s turned out they’re a perfect choice.


Left:  Hebe obtusata was the perfect choice for this part of the fence.  Low growing, feed the bees, inhibits weeds and loves a sunny area.  Not too fussed if it’s dry either.



Left:  Another good choice – low growing Coastal flax BVR20151022_184109  that flowers beautifully.  Doesn’t mind if it’s dry and loves the sun.




BVR20151022_184123a Left:  From the bottom:  Dianella nigra, then Oioi, more Dianella more Oioi before the Hebe.




Now Auckland Transport : it’s time you removed that fence like you said you would after the plants matured !!!

Have a look at these two photos below in September 2011 !!

SAMSUNG   BVR2011-09-07 14.04.21a

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  1. Liz Stone says:

    You might not like the look of the fence, but AT should consider retaining a less obtrusive handrail for the benefit of our older citizens going down the steps.



  2. Editor says:

    Good point Liz

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