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0 Comments 12 April 2015

We’re having a wee tidy up for Anzac Day

BVR20120412aWe can’t have the area around the Piha RSA looking scruffy for Anzac Day.

Fiona, from the camp,  offered me Liam, her friend, to help with a tidy up if needed.  So I grabbed him for just one hour today to do a quick tidy up.  Thanks Liam


BVR20120412bSee what can be done in just an hour with a few willing hands.

We hope that all those that gather here for the Piha Anzac Parade appreciate the amount of work gone into our environment AND how little needs to be done now the natives are dominating.


BVR20120412cDavid and the twins have adopted this part of Beach Valley Road and have done a great amount of work lately.

It’s important at this time of the year to get rid of weeds to that the seeds can sprout up and help the natives dominate.

We have a weed-bin coming soon to put all the weeds in.


BVRApr2015Chris was thrilled when I suggested Meuhlenbekia would grow beautifully on the front and side of his new boundary fence.

Not only does it grow really well on fences etc but it’s great fodder for our native butterflies.



PihaPohutukawa2015Apr01Further down it’s a shame that these Pohutukawa aren’t trimmed properly to stop vehicles hitting and damaging them.

Look up at most of them and you’ll see where branches have been broken like this one.



PihaPohutukawa2015Apr02Toby was at hand to help get the broken branch off the road and out of the way.

Various parts of Beach Valley Road are being ‘adopted’ by residents which is working well.  We’ll still have working bees as the ‘social and community’ part of the Project is very important.


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