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Auckland Transport onto it

2 Comments 17 March 2016

Auckland Transport are responding to safety requests

AucklandTransportaI have had dialogue with Auckland Transport (AT) about 3 safety issues in or around Piha.

Auckland Transport now advise:


Piha Road speed 50 km/h sign need at top of Piha Hill

The 50km/h signage when exiting Piha close the top of the hill has been assigned to the contractors for implementation. The contractors intend to have this installed within a month


Piha RoadOff-roading in Piha – Why ?  

With regards the issue where vehicles have gone over the cliff where the pine trees were removed:  AT have investigated the site and delineation will be put in place within the next two weeks to highlight the corner to drivers


WestCoastRoad West Coast Road barrier

With regards the barrier that is yet to be repaired on West Coast Road. This barrier requires to be upgraded to the latest standards. To this end, the team are in the process of completing the design and expect to have the new guard rail installed to replace the existing guard rail by the end of May/June


Thanks Auckland Transport

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2 Comments so far

  1. Martin says:

    Seems to be a topic of the moment. With the online survey about speed and safety on all piha rds
    I think this is a good idea. Bit more proactive policing on the main
    Beach rds ie radar check and day time check points

  2. Annony-mouse says:

    If you had a speed camera van some where in the 50k area at the top of the hill between 6am to 7am weekdays you would make a killing ,,,, so if the locals cannot abide to the limit , no one else will

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