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New approach to community grants

GrantsThe Auckland Council’s new approach to community grants comes into effect on 1 July 2015 with a range of new local and regional grants programmes launched to support individuals, groups and organisations involved in the delivery of projects, activities and services that benefit Aucklanders.


Local grants programme

Each of Auckland’s 21 local boards have established a local grants programme which will support a range of projects including community development, events, arts and culture, sports and recreation, environment and historic heritage.

Each board has identified funding outcomes and priorities aligned with their local board plans. These are available in Local Board Grant Programme outcomes and priorities  provide guidance as to the type of environmental and heritage projects boards may support.

Most local boards offer both quick response grants and local grants.

  • Quick response grants allow applicants to apply for smaller grants with a shorter application process and faster decision making. Most local boards offer quick response grants multiple times a year.
  • Local grants allow applicants to apply for larger grants and applicants will need to supply some more detailed information as part of the application process and if successful enter into a grant agreement.

More information on individual local board grant programmes including outcomes and priorities, exclusions and funding round dates can be found on local board pages of the Council website

Local Boards are operating the following funding opportunities for the month of July-August:

Waitakere Ranges

1st Quick response opening dates

1st Local Programme opening dates

Waitakere Ranges 17-Jul 3-Aug

Regional grants programme

In addition to local grants programmes Auckland Council will launch 6 regional grants programmes during 2015/2016. These grant programmes will contribute towards Auckland Plan regional outcomes and priorities and support Aucklander’s aspirations for their city by responding to regional needs and opportunities.

The Regional Environment and Natural Heritage grants programme is focused on supporting the protection, restoration or enhancement of Auckland’s environment with a focus on our most significant natural heritage areas.  Grants will also be used strategically to encourage regional initiatives that support Aucklanders to adopt environmentally sustainable lifestyles.

The Regional Historic Heritage grants programme aims to incentivise best practice, increase understanding and encourage community involvement in the care of our regionally significant heritage sites and places.  It is dedicated to funding projects that benefit regionally significant historic heritage places and outcomes that are relevant to all of Auckland.

Proposed regional funding programme dates for the Environment and Natural Heritage and Historic Heritage grant programmes are provided below

Regional Programme: Environment and Natural Heritage programme

Opening Dates: September 2015

Decision making: December 2015

Regional Programme: Historic Heritage programme

Opening Dates: TBC Feb-Mar 2015

Decision making: Maya 2016

Funding workshops

GrantsTo help you understand these changes the Environmental Funding team would like to invite you to the Environmental and Historic Heritage targeted workshops.  There are 8 workshops scheduled across the Auckland area to help individuals and community groups understand the Councils new funding scheme and its implications for environmental and historic heritage projects. These workshops will be a great opportunity to ask questions, to familiarise yourselves with SmartyGrants and the application process and meet Council staff.

While all funding workshops will cover information relevant to both environment and heritage applicants some will have a specific focus as indicated in the table below.

Note: a separate workshop series is being run specifically for schools and early childhood education centres, please contact environmental funding staff for workshop dates.

Please RSVP to Email form below:

Area: Waitakere

Location: Waiatarua Community Hall, Main Hall, 911 West Coast Road, Waiatarua

Focus:  Environmental / Heritage

Date and Time: 27th July  6:30 – 7:30

If  you are unable to attend one of these workshops and would like further information on how to access Council funding please contact one of the team by emailing Environmentalfunding  

 or phone Auckland Council 09 301 0101.

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