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A reminder of what?

1 Comment 07 March 2016

Auckland Transport say “it’s a reminder”

Piha Road“The 50km roundel on the road is a reminder for people to slow down… and hence no signs”

Okay AT but I took a drive from Lion Rock Corner to this ‘reminder’ looking for a speed indication sign.


Below: Leaving Lion Rock corner near the entrance to Piha Domain. No 50km sign.  Piha Village – no speed limit sign.

Speeding in Piha    Piha Village

Below: Driving past the Art Gallery and Fire Station – No 50km sign.  Heading up Seaview Road – no speed limit sign.

Piha speed limit    Seaview Road Piha

Below: Driving past Pendrell Road – No 50km sign.  Heading up from the ‘Piha Lookout’ – no speed limit sign.

Pendrell Road Piha    Piha Lookout

Below: Further up Piha Hill – No 50km sign.  Heading Te Ahuahu turnoff. – no speed limit sign.

Piha Roads    Where is the sign ?

Here is the sign Here is the first indication that you’re in a 50km zone.

Not a sign – just ’roundel’ – Unbelievable !





Below: 50km sign on Te Ahuahu Road entrance but not for Glen Esk .

Te Ahuahu Piha    GlenEsk Road Piha

Auckland Transport – I do not understand your logic or reasoning.

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1 comment

  1. Bobbie Carroll says:

    Just had a call from Auckland Transport – they are arranging a 50km sign at or near to the top of Piha Hill for traffic leaving Piha. Yay

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