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A Gymnasium for Piha ???

0 Comments 09 February 2015

From Mana Paewai – A Gymnasium for Piha ?

PihaGymSo there has been something missing in our community for a while that I’ve been thinking about. A lot of us are keen to hit the gym for a bit of focused exercise but there’s nowhere to go locally. Whilst we could go for a run up the hill that’s only one-dimensional exercise and doesn’t appeal to everyone.

So I’ve considered setting up a small gym (site yet to be confirmed) that all the locals could use and could also be accessed by the blow-ins during peak times.  However we need to figure out the feasibility of getting it off the ground so we need your input.

It will be mainly all your regular gym equipment but will also provide a space for local trainers to bring people and to lead classes in everything from physio through to boot camps. It would potentially be 24/7 access with pricing options that could be casual rates through to year long memberships.

However, none of the details can be finalised until we get feedback on what people would be interested in.

So can all interested parties please  fill in the quick survey which will take less than 2 minutes to complete.

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