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$478,130 of our money for this !!!

3 Comments 16 June 2016

Local Government Official Information & Meetings Act 1987

Local BoardAuckland Transport answer my questions:

I am so disgusted at this I wrote a series of questions and have received the following answers:



  • Who was responsible for the weed eradication and planting?
    • Answer: The project was initiated as a Waitakere Local Board discretionary project.  Local and Sports Park West arranged the work on behalf of the Local Board.
  • Was there a ‘peer review’ of the process prior to starting it?
    • Answer: No peer review was undertaken. Smaller operation jobs are not generally peer reviewed.
  • What is the cost to date?
    • Answer: Cost for this site to date is $78,130. (Shared between Auckland Council [I presume Local Board as it was their initiative. Ed] and Auckland Transport.
  • What, if any, is the proposed solution to the erosion there?
    • Answer: Auckland Transport placed covers to prevent further erosion. The solution to remedy the slip and unstable ground conditions include the removal of overburden, to cut the slope to a suitable angle and then insert soil nails to stabilise the slip.
  • What is the probable cost of the ‘solution’ ?
    • Answer: Cost estimate for the solution has not been determined but it is likely to be in the range of $400,000.

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Bush Road Waiatarua  Bush Road Waiatarua

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  1. Penny Sparks says:

    Wow! $478,130 is a lot of money frown emoticon: (That would’ve paid for a damn fine skate park, or a number of playgrounds in empty pocket parks, or a pop up art gallery in Glen Eden. A public space town square , planting and fountain in Oratia. .
    You would think the contractor would have public liability insurance?.
    I wonder what or whose budget this comes out of? Waitakere’s Local Board Transport Budget’s have been unusual, and our last May Local Board Transport report was not published like other boards.

  2. Andy says:

    GarbageBagCorner® — About its only redeeming feature of this civic artwork is its utility as a local landmark. Rather like Titirangi’s iconic roundabout, in a perverse way. I can give reliable directions to people on how to get to my place: “Up West Coast Road, turn left at GarbageBagCorner® — no, you can’t miss it, it sticks out like dog’s bollix. No, trust me — you’ll know it when you see it! So, left at GarbageBagCorner®, left again. I’m at the bottom of the street as far as you can go. I’ll put the dogs away…”

    GarbageBagCorner® had long been ugly and problematic — my photos of this eyesore go back to 2012 when it was covered in ginger — and it has only gotten worse since. FOUR YEARS AT LEAST.

    I do not know who is accountable for this — my best guess is Auckland Transit. To all Westies living in the hills and on the coast, AT require no introduction, as they are known for their minimalist approach to transit in The Ranges.

    Or is it the Local Board? I dunno — it seems less likely to be their accountability, but they do have sign across the road from GarbageBagCorner®. However, that’s to do with weed control.

    Perhaps somebody is waiting for the bank to wash down entirely, effectively re-landscaping the hillside using gravity, mud and water. Who knows? I don’t.

    What I do know is that whoever is responsible actually does need to abate this nuisance and fix it properly and without further delay. At a guess, this bank may represent a significant public safety hazard if it were to wash away suddenly. At very least it would be an expensive mess for somebody to clean up.

    Finally, GarbageBagCorner® is a very poor way to greet visitors at our gateway to The Waitakere Ranges. I can’t imagine an eyesore like this being permitted to continue as long as it has ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE CITY.

    Many Westies feel — rightly or wrongly — West Auckland has suffered from neglect since the SuperCity Amalgamation. Our part of the world is not as well cared for as it was under Waitakere City Council’s stewardship. GarbageBagCorner® is symbolic of this.

    Out-of-sight, out-of-mind? It seems so.

  3. Editor says:

    I have asked who won the contract for this

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