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27 Dec – is that not summer time ???

4 Comments 27 December 2014

$M1.6ish and they’re shut at 8:20pm

Ablusions05It’s still daylight, 8:20, as I pick up my pizza and leave the Piha Cafe.   I noticed the security company guy coming from our new public toilets, that cost us I understand $M1.6ish, so I ask him if he has just locked them.  “Yes” he says.   I leave incredulous.

I also have a problem with the extremely bright light, on the camp side,  that seems to shine very late into the night – maybe all night?.  Do they have to be that bright?

A comment emailed from a local last week:

Has anyone else discussed the inadequacy of the new toilet block as well as the lack of modesty when entering and exiting them in peak periods?  

Where once we had 6 urinal stations as well as 6 or so cubicles we now have 3 toilet stations.  Could there be anything more lacking in design for the crowds that come here and first stop is the shops after an hours drive from town – 3 toilets is just peeing into the wind !!!

And as for no toilets at the far Nth car park in the year 2014: hopeless facilities.

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  1. Rachel says:

    Funny that you noticed this because I did too. Why on earth do the toilets have to be closed to the public at all? When I was showering after a surf in South Piha yesterday about 5pm, Boxing Day, I heard an American visitor say to her husband “Those toilets are disgusting”. I am not sure who cleans them, but surely during this very busy period over the summer they should be cleaned a couple of times a day. Are these ones locked at night too? It beggars belief. Not only that, there is a huge lake formed where you walk over the little bridge from the shower. People didnt want to walk through it to get to the bridge and looked at me as if it was my fault.

  2. Village Voice Editor says:

    Monday 29th Public toilets locked at 8:40pm !

  3. Lianne says:

    How awful that people waiting to “go” have to stand out in full view of everyone. There is no privacy, coming and going. Really bad design.

  4. D stanley says:

    I totally agree. The number of toilets. Ridiculous. Also, having to line up outside like that. Very undignified. Where the water fountain is, the deck is clogged with sand so the water pools. Whoever designed this area needs to be taken to task and things need to be fixed.
    And while I am at it, why are they shut so bloody early. Horrible toilets.

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