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2014 A review in photos – Piha

0 Comments 31 December 2014

A year in photographs in Piha

Here is a selection of photos I’ve taken mainly in Piha during 2015.  Each one has a direct or indirect connection with Piha.  If you can’t guess then just ask.  They reflect the Piha I love, happenings I enjoy and other random things.

If you click on the photos you will see a larger image ( use your back button to return to the photos ) OR a link to an article.  

20140118a  20140119a  20140124a

20140225a  20140201b  20140201a

20140203a  20140209a  20140215a

20140215b  20140215c  20140218b

20140218a  20140218d  20140222a

20140223a  20140225a  20140302a

20140226a  20140306a  20140308a

20140312a  20140312b  20140314a

20140322a  20140324a  20140329a

20140330a  20140330b  20140405a

20140408a  20140408b  20140429a

20140423a  20140215d  20140424e

20140424d  20140424a  20140423b

20140424c  20140425b  20140425a

20140426a  20140426b  20140426c

201406014a  20140413a  20140417a

20140619a  20140503a  20140514a

20140514b  20140527a  20140530a

20140530b  20140610a  20140418a


20140616a  20140618a  20140624a

20140626a  20140627a  20140627b

20140627c  20140628  20140629a

20140619b  20140712a  20140712a

20140712b  20140712c  20140713a

20140721a  20140727a  20141005a


20141007a  20141008a  20141008b

20141008c  20141009a  20141010a

20141012a  20141014a  20141015a

20141015b  20141017a  20141017b

20141019a  PihaLabourDayMarket2014bb 20141021a

20141024a  LTCuckoo08 HighRoad20

20140907a  20140701  20140908a

20140910a  20140910b  Submission21

Submission23  Submission24  20141012a

20141019a  20141019b  20141031a

20141127a  20141127b  SharkNthPiha

20141101a  20141102a  20141103a

20141103b  20141107a  20141108a

20141112a  20141112b  20141118a

20141118b  20141118c  20141119a

20141123a  20141123b  20141129a

20141130a   20141207a  20141201a

20141201b   20141206a   20141212a

20141212a  Injured Brooklyn  Village Voice

20141213a   DSA08   PihaSLSCnewdesign01a

20121219a   Piha Beach 250x250   20141227a

20141227b  20141216a  20141220a

20141228a  20141228a  20141228b

20141229a  20141227a  20141227b

I hope you have enjoyed ‘2014 in photos‘.  If I have missed any event just let me know and I’ll search out some photos.  Bobbie


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