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What’s Happening in Piha etc

2 Comments 25 January 2015

Recycle Rubbish: Monday  Sep  19th, Oct 3rd & 17th Wednesdays 10am Lion Rock and Roll for babies Piha Community Library   11 Sep 2016 Meet the Candidates Piha Bowling Club 2pm     16 Sep 2016 Piha Kids Disco Barnett Hall, North Piha   17th Sep 2016 Spring Funk – Costume Dance Party Barnett Hall   […]

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Karekare poetry in the dunes

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Poetry in the dunes – Karekare

0 Comments 15 August 2016

<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0; URL=/events/292835901064854/?active_tab=highlights&_fb_noscript=1″ /> Inaugural Karekare Poetry Event ‘Runes of Fact & Fiction” West Auckland poets are winding up to wow you and woo you, provoke and entertain you. Join Sam Sampson,  Janet Charman,  Serie Barford,  Jenny Clay,  Sandra Coney,  Rewi Spraggon, Elizabeth McRae & Sue Gee with special guests  ‘The Rutherford Writers’ from […]

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Waitakere Ranges Local Board

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Who are these people ?

0 Comments 13 August 2016

Auckland Local Elections 2016 The ‘final’ list is out and here are the West’s candidates New Zealand is a democracy.   We vote, one vote per person, for the people who represent us both at a Council level (Ward) and Local level (Board). Please vote     Council – Waitakere Ward (2) Linda Cooper – Independent […]

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Piha Opinion

Butt out – you’re stupid !

1 Comment 10 August 2016

Piha’s Crash Corner – leave it alone 3 cars go off the road this year but the sign isn’t quite right ! In the Piha Community News latest issue the front page is about Piha’s Car Crash Corner that I wrote about early this year.  ‘Off-roading in Piha‘. On the 14th of March this year […]

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Is this a ‘friend fest’ or what ?

6 Comments 10 August 2016

The Piha Ratepayers & Residents show their bias Election : Meet the Candidates they say ! It’s always been my observation that the Piha R & R are not here for us, the residents and ratepayers of Piha.   If they were then a whole lot more candidates would know about this. Today I contacted […]

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Piha Lumberjack

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Piha Fire & 1st Response Fundraiser

0 Comments 05 August 2016

Piha Bowling Club hosts Fundraiser for Piha Volunteers Piha Volunteer Fire Brigade and Piha First Response 20th August: Midday – 10pm  Piha Bowling Club BBQ – Grill | Prizes and Trophies | Bonus prizes for best lumberjack costume Kids events | Wood chop competition Craft beer     To sign up for the wood chopping […]

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Ann Russell

Local News

It’s going to be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G …

0 Comments 02 August 2016

Piha’s Ann Russell’s Little Truff to be a mural Ann is a wonderful children’s stories writer and lives in Piha Now one of the characters out of Ann’s book series ‘Little Truff‘ is the subject of Shelley France’s mural project for Piha’s Community Library.      To read Ann Russell’s blog and more about this […]

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NZ Geographic is onto it

0 Comments 29 July 2016

NZ predator free by 2050! The NEWS of the week from government and NZGEO are onto it immediately ! Within a few days the NZ Geographic has collated this resource – it’s just brilliant. Predator free Aotearoa – A guide A few words from my friend and mentor Chris Ferkins – Biodiversity “It would be […]

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Corvette envy Piha

What's Happening

Corvette envy anyone ?

1 Comment 28 July 2016

Auckland Corvette Club coming to Piha Who would say “no’ to a Corvette? I, per chance, came across the info that the ‘Corvette Club’ is doing a cruise to Piha on August 6th. So if you’re a fan or suffer ‘corvette envy’  they’ll be here around 11ish. Just a bit of light fun 🙂

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PAUP Auckland Unitary Plan

Local News

PAUP: enabling of people and communities

2 Comments 27 July 2016

Auckland Unitary Plan – Recommendations Independent Panel listens to the people I was there till the end AND I was listened to.  Submissions to the Unitary Plan – All I wanted was for the Panel to acknowledge PEOPLE live in communities in the Ranges AND we love our environment. I submitted to the ‘Proposed Unitary […]

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Local News

What is the truth – Up or down?

0 Comments 19 July 2016

Auckland Council Chief Executive replies Has Auckland Council decreased funding for KDP?  (Kauri Dieback Programme) A group called ‘Waitakere Combined Residents and Ratepayers Assn Group meets bi-monthly. They recently wrote to Auckland’s Chief Executive Stephen Town, left,  about the ‘cut’ in Kauri Dieback.   For your interest, or not, here is their letter and Stephen Town’s […]

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Piha Library

Piha Opinion

Repeating it doesn’t make it true

2 Comments 18 July 2016

‘Occupied by the Piha Library’ If you say it often enough you end up believing it A loooong time ago the Piha Library applied for a grant to build a new Library building The Library was not an Incorporated Society so requested the use of the Piha Ratepayers & Resident’s ‘Incorporated name’ as an ‘umbrella’ to accept […]

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Education Land Piha

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Will Auckland Council purchase Edu Land?

0 Comments 17 July 2016

Education Land in Piha Acquisition of public open space – Piha AC’s Parks, Recreation & Sports Committee meet this Wednesday July 20th and will decide whether to purchase the ‘Education Land’ in Piha behind the Art Gallery. There are three ‘groups’ in Piha interested in using the land The West Coast Art Gallery – use […]

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